Paweł Kuśmierek

Paweł Kuśmierek, Ph.D. 
Ph.D., Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw 
M.Sc, Warsaw University 


Paweł’s pre-doctoral work concerned the neural substrate of auditory perception and memory in dogs. Using elaborate behavioral tasks he investigated effects of lesions to the hippocampus, rhinal cortex, and auditory cortex on auditory recognition, discrimination, and localization. Also, he participated in studies on the substrate of auditory recognition in rats (during a visit in Malcolm W. Brown’s lab at the University of Bristol), and in construction and programming of auditory behavioral tasks for dogs and monkeys. In 2002/2003, as a Fulbright Junior Research Scholar, he spent 5 months in Dr. Rauschecker’s lab learning auditory neurophysiology techniques. Paweł has written several computer programs for data analysis, behavioral testing, and spike acquisition, including the Fiordiligi/Dorabella spike acquisition system. Currently he is a Research Assistant Professor in Dr. Rauschecker’s lab. He investigates single unit responses to artificial and natural auditory stimuli (including environmental sounds) presented from varied spatial positions. The study is focused on the medial auditory belt fields of the rhesus monkey.

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