Stephanie Rosemann

Stephanie Rosemann, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Age-related hearing loss, Tinnitus, fMRI

PostDoc, University of Oldenburg, Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4all” (2016-2020)

Ph.D., University of Bremen (2016)

M.Sc. in Neurosciences, University of Bremen (2012)

B.Sc. in Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck (2009)


Hermine Heusler-Edenhuizen Preis: awarded by the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (for best paper published in summer semester 2018; Rosemann & Thiel, 2018)

Peer-reviewed publications

Rosemann, S., Gieseler, A., Tahden, M., Colonius, H. & Thiel, C. M. (in press). Treatment of age-related hearing loss alters audiovisual integration and resting-state functional connectivity: A randomized controlled pilot trial, eNeuro

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